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My Experience And My Stand With Other People View On Dr. Oji Alllwell

Don’t wanna reveal my real identity here because I am well known here. So have to use a fresh account.

After the whole scenario and saga of the Dr. Oji Alllwell who took his life by jumping from 3rd mainland bridge, I had known and come to notice that life isn’t all about money and riches. Who would have thought that a young man of his age who is a Medical Doctor, own an SUV and a driver and might be living in a very comfortable house will commit suicide.

The whole internet was full with sympathy to the family, insults to the young man and many felt why will a young man who is a Medical Doctor and living comfortably will commit suicide. But the truth about it is if you haven’t suffered depression, false accusation and so many challenges in life you will think life is all about comfort, roses and possession of wealth.

My sad life and experience.

Sometime early last three year, 5th of Feb 2014 to be precise. I was falsely accused of something I do not know anything about to the extent I was blackmailed and filmed on another scenario to make the accusation look solid. The accuser accused me of trying to rape her who was my highly respected leader’s wife and this was arranged by her and her friend.

To cut the story short, I have a man I once called my leader who is highly influential both in business and politics and he really loved me and took me as his son. I even had a room in his house. But the wife never liked me because she had once asked me to have sex with her which I blatantly rejected and kept it secret within me. But her mind kept judging her that I might leak out this secret one day which I will never even do because I am the secretive type and nobody might believe me because of her innocent lifestyle. But she quickly played a smart one on me.

From how the whole film started. One morning she called me from my room (in the guest house) to come and help her fix something in her room. I was still with my night wear and went to her room straight with it. As I got there, she told me to remove my shirt that I will be climbing her closet to help her nail something. I did exactly as she instructed not knowing she have her own motives. After climbing the closet there was nothing there to nail and I told her everything is intact. She said she was hearing some noise so she thought maybe their was some loose somewhere. As I came down, she filmed me unknowingly with her phone as I was trying to wear my clothes. That was how everything started.

She connived with her friend and they both lied against me saying I once asked her out too. I denied everything and her husband believed me at some point because he knew right from time the woman never liked me but didn’t show full support of me because of the wife. My family and few of my friends were all with me at that point and they knew I can never do that not even with a married woman. She insisted that she will provide video clip for more prove and I was first to say she should do so, not knowing of what she have done earlier and edited some part of the video.

The whole story changed when she provided that video clip. The husband, my girlfriend, my family (father, mother, siblings and infact every of my extended family), friends and the whole world deserted me and I was even cursed by my parents for making them look stupid for earlier supporting me. I was left alone in this whole world, I was sacked because “my leader” has a very high stake where I work and was thrown inside the cell for 3 weeks until the man instructed for my release and never to come close to his fence again.

After I came out, I felt like the ground should swallow me, I was rejected by everybody including my parents (though my mother stood by me as her son but never believed anything I was saying). At this point I felt depressed, I asked myself what’s the need of living in this life when everybody is against me on what I never did. Nobody to even listen to me anymore because everybody was hiding their wife and girlfriends away from me (funny world) and describing me as rapist. Do you know what it takes to be wrongly accused of what you don’t even know anything about and been backed up with convincing evidence?

From that point I knew this life is of two phases. A once happy man now became the saddest man on earth. At some point I ran into cars on motion but accidents are always averted, bought Rat killer and some poison on three occasions but anytime I wanna take my life, one spirit come and says stand and defend yourself one day you must surely triumph and the world will believe you and another mind will say no need because that time will never come. But I am very happy today that I was able to mend my life through that phase. Though I still pass through depression sometime but I am being able to manage my life and open up my own business to be a boss of my own because of the stigma it brought to me. I am doing very well in my business (small company) today and don’t even have any single friend because I fill their is no need for that when I couldn’t even get one by my side during the bad times. Same goes to girls because I see them as Lucifer (sorry to use this word) and don’t think that mindset will ever make me to marry. To my family they said I should come for forgiveness which I did on what I never committed (Oh Lord). Today I am living a lonely life all alone with no friends, don’t mingle with neighbors, hardly communicate with families and some point even I doubt if God exist because he saw me pass through what I knew nothing about and just kept mute up till this day. The only friend I had and still have is the web and internet which I fall to anytime I feel like.

But sometime life isn’t what you see on someone physically. If you have suffered depression and have been in some situation people go through in life you will never judge people for somethings they do or what they pass through. Who will be thinking of wealth when you are be confronted with false accusation and passing through depression. If it was pushed further I would have served a jail term for what I don’t know. Probably still inside jail by now.

Your prayer should be one day you should never experience depression. Though I don’t support suicide and will never support it. If I have my way I will open up a rehab or something where people can go have time when they are depressed or lonely. Set it up like form of vacation ground where you meet with nice people who will be employed to treat you nice and make you feel people still love you despite if the rest of the world hate you. Life isn’t all about the roses but about how you can manage the bad time when it hits you.

Sorry for the long writing and grammatical blunders.

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