Sunday, January 17

Moesha Reacts To Claims That Her Butt Is Rotten From Enlargement Surgery

Moesha Budoung’s name is on the lips of many social media users after this picture of hers popped up on the internet.

From the picture, we are safe to say the Instagram model is suffering the effect of the liposuction she underwent to have the body she flaunts with confidence.

The picture has the upper part of her butt checks looking a tad like it is getting rotten.

Taking a closer looks though, it can equally come across as a tattoo of a sort. The truth is, we are not certain of what is happening there but social media folks think she is suffering a side effect.

Well, Moesha has subtly responded to all of that claims and from the video, she has just shared, she could care less about what anyone says.

In the video, she is seen having a good time, flaunting the same body people are talking about. She says she is a fine Sisala Diva.


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