Lolo 1 Explains Why She Called Princess Out

“OAP, Lolo1 has said she didn’t just take to Instagram to post comedian Princess picture and lashed out at her saying, what people don’t actually know is that Princess started it. According to her, she was at a show when Princess went on the stage and caused her out. As a human being, she felt upset and the only way she could express herself was going on her IG page to rant. Her words;

Sometimes, women have issues. At an event which held this month, she caused me to feel awkward. I felt slighted because her action was unnecessary. I had to give vent to my anger because I am human. Some of our colleagues waded into the matter and I believe that our differences will be sorted out. We’re human beings and we are bound to hurt each other at some point. But, we have to let it go and keep the ball rolling.”

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