Linda Ikeji’s Sister Gives Serious Warning To United State Government

Linda Ikeji’s Sister Gives Serious Warning To United State Government

Well known author and Instagram influencer, Laura Ikeji calls out the US government to Respect the Nigerians in your country.

She wrote:-

US hospitals will be missing Nigerian pregnant women right now. I’m sure they re asking questions. Kilonshele gan gan ? #RandomThoughts

As much as they are, Nigerians who go abroad and never return (not good guys) there are a whole lot of good Nigerians who go abroad legally and return when they should. Respect the Nigerian in ur country.

Not all Nigerians want to live abroad, some of us re very ok here, so when U see us in your country, know that we re there to contribute to ur economy, we buy stuff, do businesses, see friends and get out. #respectthenigerianinurcountry

Do a proper background check, see travel history, so instead of deciding to deny that person same day tell them to return in 2 weeks, enough time to check Acct statement, call the applicant for more info and do a proper background check.

We love America, we party in America, we do businesses in America, we buy goods from America, we have friends and family in America, but some of us re ok living in Naija. So before u deny a Nigerian an American visa, kindly do a longer background check cos we mean well.

My friends and I planned a Vegas trip this summer and most of them were denied visa, these re rich women with several legal businesses, people who have held US visas for morethan 10 years. ? Vegas trip cancelled cos I can’t go alone. Hopefully things will get better.


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