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Lady Comes For Freda Francis on Instagram, Iyanya is My Man

Lady Comes For Freda Francis on Instagram, Iyanya is My Man 


A lady who goes by the name Nkechi on Instagram has confronted Freda Francis over Iyanya. The lady claims Iyanya was dating her at the same time as Freda and sleeps with so many girls too.

Apparently, Freda wanted no part in it but the girl kept coming for her.

The exchange happened about 15 weeks ago and Iyanya shared Freda’s pic last week. This means Iyanya may have shared it to prove to Freda that, there is no other lady in his life.

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  1. Abdulmumin fadlullah

    lol….. why fight on him his he d only man on earth

  2. sniper boy

    The girl looks like she is just bent on destroying iyanyas relationship, but iyanya looks gay tho

  3. Adeyemi Adedigba

    Crazy things happens under this sun. Only God see the hidden things. This is a big mess for the artist

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