Thursday, January 28

Ladies Trip When They Know You Are A Star & Have Money – Woli Arole

Comedian Woli Arole has come for Nigerian women. He says when they see a celeb with money they get thrilled, lol. He was speaking to Saturday Beats about his career, how he has met maried and unmarried women who have helped him, and that also rolled in. He also said he was a real Prophet, and that’s no joke. Speaking on being a Prophet, the young man who is currently making waves said;
 “What God has helped me to do is to create a very thin line between the real work of God and comedy because I also have a prophetic calling. I am a real prophet, I have had people I pray for and there have been wonders. Even my mother knows that I have that gift. It shows in my video because I do real prayers and when I do my jokes, it is a free flow of the abundance that I have. I just use the channel to pass messages. I don’t attack any church, I don’t demean anyone and I do not blaspheme. I am just adding value to that particular niche. During the One Lagos carnival on New Year’s Eve, I was called to give a real prayer and after, the deputy governor asked to see me. There are places I go to say real prayers. Thanks to the comedy, there are places a real prophet might not be able to enter but I can.”

About handling female fans;

 “Ladies are funny because once they see that you are a star that has money, it really trips them. It draws them to you. But it is only you that know where you are going to and you are the one with the glory. At the same time, you need to balance things because it is not every lady that likes your work that wants to sleep with you. You should know that as an entertainer, there are some God-sent helpers who want nothing from you. There are people like that and some could be married. I have met married women that are responsible mothers. They see me and say they just like my craft; subsequently they give me the contact of someone that can further enhance my trade and that would be the last time I would hear from the person. However through that contact, I would meet some other people. I have met very beautiful young ladies who also like my craft and they have linked me with various opportunities and they are gone.”

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