Friday, January 15

Kenyan Man Narrates How His Female Boss Gave Him HIV

A 27-year-old man identified as Kimutai Kemboi, in a new interview narrated how his female boss gave him HIV due to a challenge he faced.

According to the man, he was offered financial support for his education when he was 22 by his female boss who demanded for sex to come through with the promise. Kemboi disclosed that the single mother attached a sex string to her help, which he fell for and contracted the disease.

“She said if I slept with her she would educate me. I was very desperate, so I gave in,” Kemboi said in an interview with Kenya-based Switch TV.

The man further disclosed that he got to know that his female boss gave him HIV 2 years after. According to Kemboi, he tested positive to the virus and after he did a retrospection to trace the possible origin of the HIV, he recollected having an unprotected sex with his boss two years ago.

He accused the woman of deliberately choosing to be wicked to him, by offering sex when she knew very well that she was HIV positive.

“I got tested two years after I slept with her. I was confused when I got the results. I did four tests, and they still came back positive,” Kemboi narrated.

“I think she knew she was positive and it is like she infected me intentionally” he added.

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