Kanye West takes off his unreleased Yeezy sneakers and gifts to DJ Khaled before they both walk off to their respective private jets (video)

Kanye West was feeling generous on Sunday and DJ Khaled was the beneficiary as he was gifted a pair of unreleased Yeezys.

DJ Khaled met Kanye on an airport tarmac as they were both about to board their respective private jets and Kanye took off his shoes – an updated version of the adidas YEEZY 700 V3 – and gave them to DJ Khaled.

Despite being tied to Nike and Jordan Brand, Khaled graciously accepted the shoes.

Kanye then walked off in just his socks to his private jet while Khaled walked off to his private jet, admiring his new shoes.

DJ Khaled shared the encounter via his Instagram Stories.

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