Sunday, November 29

JJ Omojuwa Reacts To A ‘List Of Celebrities Who Shared Fake News Online’

JJ Omojuwa who was included on a poster shared online showing a number of celebrities reported to have shared fake news and details of the Lekki shootings inciting the carnage that ensued, has taken to twitter to lament and condemn the people behind the poster.

The Nigerian Online Celebrities And Personalities Who Shared #FakeNews And Incited Carnage in Lagos State.
@EUinNigeria @UN @UN_Spokesperson @ilo @HillaryClinton @MaEllenSirleaf @realDonaldTrump @Brexit

You can tag other International Community handle for the World to see.

This looks like a hit list. If you are on this list, by all means, protect yourself. May God birth us a nation of free people who are able to see that country first, before any partisan interests!

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