Italian Prime Minister Paolo Gentiloni is in good condition following a heart procedure at a Rome hospital and is expected to be back at work soon, officials say.

62-year-old Gentiloni, who took office last month, had an emergency angioplasty to unblock an obstructed blood vessel of the heart late on Tuesday.

Spokespersons for the prime minister said he was doing well, but that his trip to London on Thursday to meet British Prime Minister Theresa May had been cancelled.

The procedure “was a success and there are no problems,” Regional Affairs Minister Claudio De Vincenti told reporters after speaking with the premier by phone. “He’ll be back at work again very soon.”

Gentiloni, of the centre-left Democratic Party (PD), formed a government after Prime Minister Matteo Renzi stepped down in the wake of a referendum loss over his flagship constitutional reform.

He felt unwell after returning from a meeting with French President Francois Hollande in Paris and was examined by a doctor at his office, who sent him to the Gemelli hospital, a government source said.

“He left for the hospital on his own two feet,” the source said, who added that Gentiloni did not suffer a heart attack.


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