Sunday, January 17

Is it Love you want or Help? – Marcus Owolabi

While surfing the internet as always, I came across a post that is very interesting to me. It goes this way…

‘Be careful who u start dating..
A lot of people ain’t looking for LOVE, they’re looking for HELP.

This inspired my little writeup about why people really go into a relationship.

Some people are desperately in need of a relationship just to prove a point to their ex. Some believe a new relationship will heal them of their pains and bad experiences. I’m not an advocate of ‘don’t date this or that person’, I’m more of ‘go for who you think you really need not who you want’.
People always mix it up when it comes to what you need and what you want.

A man should remain a man in a relationship while a woman remains a woman. If it becomes the other way round, then it’s Help, not Love.

A friend once told me that it’s a dumb and desperate woman that spends her money on a man that can only offer sex and company. Such men would even bring their family problems to your table. It’s also a foolish man that spends on a woman that can only give you sex. Why blame a man for paying a prostitute when that’s the only thing the other girl only has to offer?
It took me time to digest it and I’m sure a lot of people would find it difficult too. But it’s a fact that I’m glad I can say anytime anywhere.
Let me tell you a small story;

A lady once said; I can never be with a man that doesn’t have a job, car, and house. (It’s ok. But babe, do you have all these too?)

No one wants poverty, so it’s understandable to set a standard. But make sure you also have what it takes for the opposite sex to want you more.
Always state it if it’s Love you need or Help.

Marcus Owolabi

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