Tuesday, November 24

Iron Man Actor Keith Middlebrook Arrested For Allegedly Selling Fake Coronavirus Drugs

Iron Man 2 actor Keith Middlebrook has been arrested by the FBI for allegedly selling bogus drugs to cure coronavirus.

According to reports, the Hollywood star claimed to have a cure for the deadly virus. He tried to sell bogus antidote using Earvin “Magic” Johnson’s name to attract investors.

The scientists across the world are still working on finding a solution for the ongoing health crisis. The Federal agents took the actor into custody on March 25 during an undercover sting.

The actor, who also featured in Thor and Moneyball, was caught when he allegedly delivered the pills to a federal agent who was posing as a potential investor.

The actor, who refers to himself on social media as ‘The Real Iron Man’, reportedly also promoted the fake medication on social media.

Keith claimed that he has an injection that shuts down the virus within 48 hours. He reportedly even stated that he came up with the drug after about six weeks and two decades of study.

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