Friday, March 5

Inside Kendall Jenner’s Californian mansion with Mediterranean style architecture

Kendall Jenner has one heck of a home in California and it would not be out of place in the Spanish countryside with its Mediterranean style architecture.

The massive property, which is in Beverly Hills, is full off exquisite decor and extraordinary touches – including a movie room and outdoor fountain.

The catwalk queen’s stunning mansion, where she lives alone, is reportedly worth a hefty $8.5million.

The model, 24, first moved into the five-bedroom house in 2017 and it is hidden in a gated community to ensure ultimate privacy.

The property stands out as it is painted a glowing tumeric colour and terracotta tiles feature through the driveway and outdoor area that boasts large statues.

Foliage climbs up parts of the distinctive abode and winds around the property’s balconies and shuttered windows.

There is also an epic pool and tennis courts in the grounds and a cool outdoor play area.

Proving the beauty likes her space, the property boasts plenty of room with an open plan kitchen and large living area.

Kendall has selected warm tones throughout the pad contrasted with cool and clean neutral walls.

There are bright furnishings and dark wooden accents in the many rooms and photos liter the walls.




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