Sunday, January 17

Ini Edo Bags New Job With Pedini Kitchen, Resumes

Despite the massive job losses that took place during the lock down in many parts of the country, some celebrities are having job opportunities. The latest to bag a new job just days after the lock down was lifted is actress Ini Edo.

The celebrity actress Ini Edo dressed in a very beautiful outfit on her first outing after the lock down and many people wondered where she was going to. It was to take up a job at Pedini Kitchen. The company had employed her as their brand ambassador and this also gives her the privilege of having free supply of the kitchen equipment.

She is now a brand ambassador for the company and it is considered a major breakthrough because the situation in the country has made getting contracts and deals very difficult for the celebrities in Nigeria.

She has also resumed work as shown in the photo which she recently shared on her Instagram wall and has urged her fans to follow the company’s Instagram handle. Many other celebrities in Nigeria are competing for different brand ambassador positions unknown to their fans.

It only become clear when one of them suddenly shows up as the company’s brand ambassador to promote their brand in the media.

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