INDIA: Newborn Baby “Mistakenly” Declared Dead By Doctors Dies In Another Hospital

A newborn baby that was mistakenly” declared dead by doctors at a privately run Max Hospital in India, has died in another hospital where he was receiving treatment.

Recall that two doctors at a privately run hospital were sacked after they both initially declared the infant dead, hours after his twin was stillborn on November 30.

Reports say the parents found out that the baby was still alive on their way to his funeral and the incident reportedly sparked an outrage and a debate over the quality of private healthcare which is often costly in the country.

Moments after the doctors were sacked, the privately run Max Hospital issued a statement saying that “this strict action has been taken on the basis of our initial discussions with experts”.

The hospital also condoled with the parents after learning that the baby had died; “Our deepest condolences are with the parents and other family members. While we understand that survival in extreme preterm births is rare, it is always painful for the parents and family. We wish them the strength to cope with their loss,” it said.

According to reports, Satyender Jain, the state health minister, has called for a probe of the privately run Max Hospital warning that the hospital’s licence could be cancelled if it is found guilty of medical negligence.

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