Saturday, January 16

I’m In Church And I Forgot My Underwear – South African Slay Queen

A young and rather stunning young lady has drawn so much attention to herself after posting what can only be described as a thirst trap on twitter. Although her caption is seemingly true, she got many man drooling,.

Known simply as Wandz, the middle-aged looking lady dropped on twitter two photos of herself, saying she had forgotten to wear her underpants before stepping out to church in a tight mini skirt and an armless white crop top.

This obviously called the attention of many, some said her dressing was an intentional plot to confuse well meaning Christian men and even disrupt the flow of the spirit of God in church.

Another added that they believe she even sat in front for her evil agendas to be achieved. Literally she was tagged a Jezebel for her dressing.

I’m in church and I forgot underwear


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