I’ll Like To Work With Beyonce – Nigerian Rapper Cherry Entafield

You call her controversial rapper, we call her sexy rapper.
Cherry Entafield had a one on one chat with Owolabi Marcus of mycelebrityandi.com and she revealed her challenges, inspiration and her journey in the entertainment industry.
Read exerpt below…

Tell us your real name and your nick name
My real name is cherry Ozalor and my nick name Cherry Entafield

Tell us about yourself and where you are from?
I am from Enugu though, I schooled in Ibadan, I did my university education in Ibadan. I now live in Lagos. I am a rapper, a dentist turned rapper.
I have been doing music for a while because i have been hosting shows while I was in school, but when I graduated, I didn’t have enough money to continue the show, and the things I was getting for free like publicity and venues at a very cheap rate, I couldn’t get while I was outside, so I decided to hold on the show and continue with other things to make enough money and all.

How long have you been in the entertainment Industry?
For as long as I remember, when you say industry, or how long have I been in entertainment, I think they are two different things.

How long have you been in the industry?
Being in the industry, I think since last year, 2018, was when I entered the industry but before that year, I have been dancing while I was in school.

How did you come about your sexy dance rapping?
I think is just me, I think it’s just my personality inputted into my kind of rap.

What has been mostly criticized about you?
Shaking of breast has been most criticized about me.

The part of your body you cherish the most?
It actually my head, my brain, and my spirit. Basically, I think those two and I like my teeth, my set of teeth, and am grateful to God to have given me with a set of teeth that is this beautiful, although, I have to take care of it, to be able to continue to say that my teeth are well arranged and they are neat and all that.

What you will never wear or use?
I don’t know because I have never really say never.

Most embarrassing moment?
Well, for me, embarrassing moment is if I take it to heart, what people think might be embarrassing to me is not really embarrassing, and I be like okay that is a normal happening, if it doesn’t happen to me, it can happen to someone else. I don’t like go around keeping up all those things in my head, I probably just wave it off and keep on with my life, so I can’t even think of any.

Most challenging task or role?
Being a rapper in Nigeria, being a rapper, I enjoy it but it is not easy in the sense that it is expensive, it is time consuming, it demands active brain power because I mean like you have to meet people, you have to be where you have to meet people and all those kind of things.

Who are you dreaming of working with?
A whole lot of people, I like to work with Don Jazzy, I like Don Jazzy to manage my art. I’m doing my best, but I think when you are with the right set of people, there is a good management. I like to work with the greatest in the universe now and of next year.
I will like to work with Beyonce, as a great artist myself, I will like to work with Jay Z, I will like to work with Rihanna, I will like to work with Kiss Daniel, yes, basically, so I will like to work with myself, because my today self will like to work with my tomorrow self who is going to be a very great artist, making great music and all of that.

Coping with advances from male fans?
I think that is what I will have to really be grateful for, the ability to handle all those things, the ability to be able to manage people or advances, so I don’t take it to heart and am not really out for all that, am out to make great music, am out to sell my music, am out to make history positively, am out to make positive impact, I think that’s it.

What are you working on at the moment?
My EP and my next level, basically.

Message to your fans
I really appreciate Nigerians, I deeply appreciate Nigerians at this point in time, am so grateful to be a Nigerian at the age and time, this is just beautiful.

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