Tuesday, January 19

I Record My SEX Sessions Because That Is Where I Get My Inspiration— KiDi Reveals

Lynx Entertainment Signee, KiDi has revealed where he comes from and can still not wrap their heads around it.

In a recent interview, he said sometimes he gets inspiration for writing his songs from some of the weirdest places and weirdest times— bathing, eating, and sometimes in the middle of something.

When he was asked what in the middle of something means, he tried dodging the question but finally admitted that he has gotten inspiration while making love before.

“Inspiration hits in the weirdest places and the weirdest times…I may be doing the number two, I may be bathing, I may be in the middle of something,”

He says one of his songs on his EP was inspired during one of his sexual bouts so because of that, he always records sexual sessions.

‘Freaky Lord’ [a song on the ‘Blue’ EP]…it wasn’t that song in particular but I’m saying like there’ve been songs where I’ve been in the middle of [making love]…and sometimes it hits.”

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