Monday, March 8

‘I Never Collected Any Money From IK Uche When We’re Dating’ – Uche Jombo-Rodriguez

Nollywood actress, Uche Jombo recently celebrated her 4th wedding anniversary with her husband, Kenney Rodriguez, made this revelation during an interview with Kehinde Bankole of Broadway Africa. Her words: 

“It’s always insulting to me, that line of thought, because even while I was in that relationship, I had members of his family think some of my cars were his and he has never given me money, which he knows. Never!

I have been working since I was 14 years old. I personally saw myself through school, not just me, even my younger ones. So, I have always been my own person, I have never needed a man to define me and I have always known that whoever I ended up with is the lucky one.

When I walked out of that relationship and said I was done, I wasn’t interested in what anybody was saying. I was done. When I met Kenny and I saw the relationship he had with his mum, I totally knew he was a husband material.

The way you treat your mum tells a girl how you can treat her. If you don’t have respect for your mum, you’re never ever going to have respect for your wife.”

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