How to monetise your talents on social media — Ashmusy

How to monetise your talents on social media — Ashmusy

A rising brand influencer and ambassador, Amarachi Amusi, has said that there are opportunities for young talents to turn their skills to means of financial prosperity on social media.

According to the brand influencer who is popularly known by her fans as Ashmusy, “there are millions of Nigerians that have a substantial amount of followers on Instagram and other social media platforms but are yet to make proceeds from their audience.”

She noted such an opportunity “is like being in the ocean but having no tool to fish.”

Amarachi, a talented young lady, who specialises in selling her hair products and fashion merchandises on Instagram, said, it was after spending over a year on Instagram, she saw an opening in brand influencing.

She said she turned her talent into a money-making avenue by starting to build her fan base and followers. Likewise, Amarachi said she started making skits and feeding her audience with entertaining videos from May 2018.

In her words, “I made my first money from Brand Influencing on Instagram by December 2018, barely 5 months after I started my journey as a brand influencer. I remember clearly, I was paid N15,000 (Fifteen thousand naira) to make a promotion video for a brand.”

How to monetise your talents on social media — Ashmusy
Amarachi Amusi

For Amarachi, her talents were inborn and played a major role in her demeanor on social media, she recalled her past and how it helped her build her courage to become a Brand influencer.

“Growing up, my talents were acting and talking,  I was so into acting that I always had the major roles in most dramas from my primary school days to secondary school.

“Sometimes I narrate a story during a school play before the cast begins their drama or I would be a part of the people acting, whichever, I just loved being dramatic.

Amarachi Amusi

“You can’t be a successful brand-influencer if you are not dramatic, if you stay indoors a lot, brand influencing is not for you”.

Amarachi, thereby called on people who hope to be brand influencers to be outspoken, confident, and consistent, that way companies will entrust their businesses to them.

She advised that brand influencing is very lucrative, “Imagine being paid N200,000 per video to promote a brand, which hypothetically means you get N1 million naira for five videos in one month, Just imagine that!”


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