Wednesday, January 20

How I sold my dog for N400 to buy a game – Adekunle Gold

Lockdown has been making singer Adekunle Gold reveal the most about him. Recall he recently spoke about how dull he was in school and said he only passed CRK and Fine Arts exams, which made his wife, Simi beg God not to let their unborn child pick his genes.

Now Mr Gold is back at it again. This time, he revealed how he sold his dog back in the days for N400 just to buy a game for himself.

He said he watched as the people at 404 kitchen slaughtered the dog but he didn’t flinch, got his money and went ahead to buy the game. Well, it wasn’t funny when his father finally found out the truth, lol.

“One of the vilest thing I did as a kid was selling my dog to a 404 Kitchen for N400 just to buy family con. I was there when they killed the dog and I didn’t flinch. I went home with my console and lied about how I got it…My father almost killed me when he found out,” he wrote.

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