Monday, March 8

How God Saved me from Lecturer who Wanted to Sleep With me

A Nigerian lady has taken to Twitter to narrate her experience with a lecturer who wanted to sleep with her and threatened to fail her if she did not heed

According to the lady identified as @_Faves on the platform, the randy lecturer told her he would make sure she had an extra year, but in a miraculous way she was saved from his evil plans.

She tweeted;

I’ll never forget the day a lecturer threatened to fail me if I did not meet him in a hotel in school. I was so afraid, so I planned with my twin to put my phone on recording. I took a backup phone just in case and started recording immediately

I got to his door. The man was like; “I’m not saying I want to fuck o, but you will be my baby girl. I like your shape, your breast, your height. You need to be taken care of and maybe when you finish school, we will marry.” Were was already planning future with me.

He told me to sit, I sat on the chair, he came close on another chair and held my hand. All this while, he was reducing his dialogue and I did not know why. Later, he said; “where is your phone,” I said it’s in my bag. He took the bag and put it in the wardrobe and closed it.

Were. Like he had done it before. Then he started touching my thighs. I wore denim on denim, so if he even wanted to rape me, it will give him stress. Idiot that said he is not having sex o, said he wants to see how big my breasts are. I should undress. Omo, I don dey shake.

I told him that i don’t want to do it and the next thing he said was; “maybe when you have extra year, you’ll change your mind.” Lmaooooo. I now told him that I cannot do anything without being drunk.

Ode, his prick was already rising. He ordered for Smirnoff Ice, but no one answered the call, so he went out of the room himself. Omo, I went to pick my bag; found out that he put clothes on it. I just sprinted out of the room. I had already put my mind that I will fail that semester. He even reminded me on Exam day. Lol… we sha wrote exam finish

There was a previous riot in the school and some lecturers who were part of ASUU protested, so the VC suspended them. This mad man was among. So, another person marked his paper. I got 67 B in the course… lol…. God saved me sha.

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