Monday, January 25

How Can You Call Someone A Corpse When Your Wife Was Looking Like A Corpse On her Wedding Day? – Social Media Trolls Medikal

A social media user has described Fella Makafui as ugly and corpse-like after Medikal insultingly said rapper Eno Barony looks like a corpse.

According to this user, Fella was looking ugly on her own wedding day so on a normal day, only God knows how she looks like.

The comment comes after Medikal dismissed Eno Barony as unworthy of his attention, saying she looks like a corpse.

Eno defended herself well with a fine response to Medikal but her fans also had her back and descended on the rapper and his actress wife.

One fan shared a photo of Fella Makafui from her wedding looking not too flattering.

The fan wrote: “Medikal call someone a corpse whilst his wife was actually looking like this on her wedding day….en33 ordinary days dier kakai oo,”

The comment has generated laughter and mockery for Mrs Frimpong and Medikal.

The sharp-tongued fan added in another post: “Those who live in glass house dnt throw stones … u got corpse in ur room. Corpses Officer Medikal.”

Unfortunately seems these celebs never learn – social media users are always ready with their sharp tongues to ‘show you your level’ if you ever become too big.

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