FixiT: My Girlfriend’s Sister Wants to Have Sex With me

Hello Marcus,

Thanks for coming up with this Fixit thing. I’ve been looking for someone to talk to about my situation and it’s been really difficult. Some of my friends said i’m not being smart, that i’m suppose to take up the opportunity.

Here is my story… I’m 26, i work as a marketing assistant at Total and i’m based in Lagos. There is this girl i’ve been dating for 2 years, though we loved each other dearly, it’s been so difficult because of the temptations from her elder sister.

At every opportunity, she would throw herself at me. One day, i was at their house and i was so tired that particular day, so slept off on my girlfriend’s bed. After about 20 minutes, i noticed a hand rolling over my body, i first thought it was my girlfriend. When the hand reaches for mt penis, i opened my eyes and behold, it’s my girlfriend’s sister. I was shocked. She had my penis in her mouth already and i quickly pushed her aside and left the house immediately. What amazes me is that, she always fool around me and no one seems to notice this. At some point i thought it was a setup. I’m really confused and i dont know what to do. Please help me.

“That’s a big one, but together we can fix anything. Over to you my people, lets Fixit together”



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