Hello wonderful people,
In 2007, i launched a page on Facebook called Love and Lovers. It was initiated basically to share relationship problems and experience in order to be able to help those that are in need of advice and guides.

Due to my other commitments, i couldnt keep up with it and it went down and abandoned two years later.
To get it back on board, I’ve changed the name to FIX IT.
People that wants to share their relationship challenges, experiences and even those that have questions can now come on board.
All messages will go to mycelebrityandi@gmail.com and as we always do, all identifications will be anonymous to protect whoever is involved, and will be shared on mycelebrityandi.com.

Love is a wonderful thing, but relationship is more than just love. We sometimes need someone to talk to, someone to ask questions, just to get it right. Remember, a problem shared is a problem solved.

Lets share our relationship experience for others to learn.
Czar Oriyomi Marcus


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