Fix It: My Married Lover is Pregnant For Me!!!

Hello Fix it,

“I have been sleeping with my ex girlfriend as much as she is married I still feel I own her body. We had dated for 8years but I did not marry her because she lied to me and I was very upset and broke up with her. But as soon as she got married, she became more attractive to me as I saw her pictures all over social media.
I approached her and we ignited the old feeling.
She is pregnant for me now but am really confused .
Which option will be better?
Ask her to divorce her husband and marry me?
Or just maintain her marriage and hang the pregnancy on her husband ?
She said she can’t have an abortion at her age and level and that is her first seed.
Will I be able to live with the fact that my child is growing with another man?
What do you all think will be the greatest challenge ahead if I take any of this decision .
I know am selfish but don’t judge me it’s part of human nature, just throw in your suggestions the deed has been done. Thanks to the admin for this great platform.”


This is a very serious case o…well my fix it family, whats your take on this?

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  1. sniper boy

    Just kill your self, but if you leave your child with another man, there would be problems either for the child or you or the other father

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