Fena Gitu’s new song “Siri” raises new questions about her sexuality

Fena Gitu has for a long time been the subject of speculation when it comes to her sexuality, a topic that she has preferred to not speak about.

But it seems that the singer might be ready to court controversy with her new song, “Siri”. The song itself is very innocuous-sounding, the thing that has raised eyebrows is the music video for it.

In the song, the video features a love arc that features two women who are initially attracted to each other but are trying to not act on that compulsion.

But in the end, the two women act on their desires and end up having a night of sapphic pleasure as Fena belts out the tune of “Siri” in the background.

For those not as prolific in Swahili as me, the word Siri means, a secret. In the song’s context, Fena is arguing that the outside world shouldn’t know what business happens between two consenting adults.

The subject of lesbian and gay rights is a touchy issue in Kenya with our laws considering the acts as illegal and punishable by statute.

The song elected the expected reaction with many Kenyans lauding Fena for releasing a song that celebrated lesbian love.
Others asked whether the singer was finally coming out of the closet? Some of those comments are below:

TYGO Is Fena coming out of the closet with this one or am i just trippin

Sabrina Young Finally!! a bedroom song for the ladies ☺🤭🥰

bluejay painkiller Hakuna siri we’ve always known hunny and we are cool with it#you ain’t the first so si big deal

christine kathurima @Fena Gitu, thank you for representing us🌈🌈.Such a dope soooong.

This song comes barely a week after Bien posted an image of the band with their significant others and Chimano went viral for the person posing next to him..

The star later explained that he had had a few issues while growing up but he never knew what they were. Check out the video below:

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