Fella Makafui lost father long time ago, but she got to know yesterday

Fella Makafui has lost her biological father for some time now, but it is quite unfortunate the actress was just hinted on his death yesterday.

According to Fella Makafui who shared the news online, her mother kept the news from her because of the bad relationship between the actress and her father.

Fella Makafui explained that she and her mother were badly treated by the man to the extent that she even wanted to sue him for such bad treatment.

It was reported sometimes back that the actress has been using her stepfather’s surname instead of her own biological father’s which he gave to her at birth.

But now, the actress is feeling sober she never had the opportunity to meet her father and forgive him for all he made she and her mother pass through.

There was a time a lady called the actress out for not using her real name. The lady who claimed to be an old school mate of Fella Makafui and goes by the username @sandys_hairhub_gh_ on Instagram revealed that her real name is Asiamah Precious

According to the young lady, Fella Makafui was named Precious Asiamah after her father and she used that name throughout her school days at Kabore school Complex at Ho then later at Kpando Senior High.

The lady wrote:

“Asiamah Precious is her real name. It was the name she used throughout her school back at Kabore school Complex at Ho then to Kpando Senior High.”

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