Monday, January 25

Father’s Day: Uche Elendu Blasts Trolls Calling Her Father Poor On Instagram

Uche Elendu has responded to trolls who attacked her dad after she shared a picture of him on Father’s day. In her words; ‘ the money her Daddy gave me to start a business, most of you will have to sleep with 34 men to get half of it’. Makes one wonder why her choice example to make money is sleeping with men.

Below is the message she shared before the trolls descended on her timeline.

Happy Fathers day to my Sugar rush, my no1 fan, my driving force, my britico, my first love..your simplicity, wealth of knowledge and humility has taught me a lot,May God bless you for all you do for me and my siblings. You’re the best Father in the entire universe.. You surely will reap the fruits of your Labour Dad. I love you

Below are the series of exchange that ensued afterwards. My only ish with this is she is trying too hard to explain to people who don’t really care.


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