Monday, January 25

Fans throw bottles and stones at Diamond Platnumz after flopped show in Malawi

Diamond Platnumz was in Malawi this past weekend where he was set to perform. Having won the hearts of most Africans, the Bongo singer assumed that the same reception he receives in East Africa would be the same in Malawi.

However turns out that Malawi fans are not jokers and will not entertain a 5 minute show. This is probably because they spent their money buying tickets only for the Wasafi CEO to give them half a second show!

Well, after realizing that they were being played by the organizers and Wasafi team; rumor has it that Diamond Platnumz was forced to go into hiding after fans started booing and throwing both stones and bottles at him while on stage!

Judging from the videos making rounds on social media it’s evident to see that the Wasafi CEO was indeed booed off stage as fans are seen throwing unidentified items at him.

This is however the first time Diamond Platnumz is facing such rejection from his fans; but come to think of it, why give fans half a show when they paid for the whole experience?

But could be that he assumed his Malawi fans were as naïve as his East African fans; but unfortunately, Simba had to learn the hard way.


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