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Fan leaves a savage comment on Brenda Wairimu’s post after claiming she is a ‘Sure bet’

Fan leaves a savage comment on Brenda Wairimu’s post after claiming she is a ‘Sure bet’ 

Brenda Wairimu shocked many after she dragged into Chantelle and Ephy Saint’s break up drama.

Most of her fans could not believe that she was the alleged mistress who made Ephy Saint abandon his baby mama while still pregnant.

However judging from a few photos shared by Ephy Saint; their alleged affair seemed too obvious to ignore that she might have been involved the former Tahidi high actor.

Anyway with the stories making rounds on social media, Brenda Wairimu is no longer seen as the humble down to earth lady many thought she was.

Well, rumor also has it that she was secretly married to Juliani who later broke up with her after the cheating scandal.

Although Juliani said nothing about this, his last statement about Brenda Wairimu was that she was attached to material things that he couldn’t keep up with.

So what materialistic things did Juliani mean or was he protecting his baby mama for the sake of their 4 year old daughter? Anyway who knows!

Anyway earlier this morning Brenda shared a new photo which she captioned “ I’m a sure bet!” but one of her fans thinks that this is not true since she lost a humble man like Juliani; who he added would disagree.


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