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Home Entertainment Fan Blasted By Juliet Ibrahim Pens Open Letter To The Actress

Fan Blasted By Juliet Ibrahim Pens Open Letter To The Actress

by Czar Owolabi Marcus
Few days ago, Juliet Ibrahim shared a screenshot of a marriage proposal she received from an admirer. After she was criticized by some fans, she singled out a particular Instagram user, Anabel Aminu putting her on blast for insulting her.
Now, the Instagram user has penned an open letter to the star, condemning her for sharing the screenshot of the admirer’s proposal.
Read below
I watched with dismay how you posted the DM message of a man who sincerely is doing his manly right of nature by approaching you for a relationship. You were suppose to thank him for his interest or better still ignore if you are not interested, not to ridicule him and make him a spectacle on your page for you and your fans to shame . I still don’t know where to place you right now as your reputation is in jeopardy . If you don’t know , let me tell you what you just did to this man and if he commit suicide you will be held responsible.
1. You have taken away everything that made this man a human being.
2. You have abused this man both mentally and socially .
3. For years to come , the damage you have done this man will be unrepairable . He won’t be able to ask any woman on a date anymore .
4. His self esteem is bastardized and dangerously bruised .
5. He feels worthless right now .
I am putting you on notice with this letter , in case anything happen to this man . Social media is a good tool , but must be used adequately to uplift not to demean and destroy . You have gotten your cheap publicity by this inglorious act , I hope you feel good now as this gentleman is left in ruins. Tell me you hid his identity and I will tell you identity means nothing when our words are used against us .
Regards .”

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