Friday, December 4

Fake Nude Photo: Tacha Blasts A Blackmailer Trying To Scam Her With Edited Pix

Tacha Blasts A Blackmailer Trying To Blackmail Her With Her Edited Nude Pictures.

She Wrote:

Earlier Today a couple of mails were recieved from unknown blackmailers threatening to release ‘edited’ pictures of our client, Natacha Akide (Tacha). We want to let the general public know that these pictures are edited and false pictures sent to blackmail our client in exchange for some money.

Natacha Akide does not have and will not have such pictures of herself taken under any circumstances.

We understand that this is a difficult time for most people, but let’s also be human and desist from any form of extortion, blackmails and thefts as we continue to fight Covid-19.
Kindly disregard any photoshopped pictures from these blackmailers. – We do not negotiate with blackmailers-


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