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Ex-militant leader Tompolo buys Seven Warships

Ex-militant leader Tompolo buys Seven Warships 

There are reports that ex-militant Tompolo recently bought 7 decommissioned Norwegian warships.

The decommissioned battleship according to reports by a Norwegian newspaper, Dagbladet, said that the fast-speed Hauk-class guided missile boats had been re-armed with new weaponry.
The report also revealed that Mr. Government Ekpemupolo, alia Tompolo most recent purchase is a KNM Horten, a fast-attack craft now used in fighting piracy in Nigeria’s waterways.
It was learnt that in spite of his alleged history of violence, Tompolo, now controls the Global West Vessel Service, a privately owned contractor for maritime security for the Nigerian Maritime Safety Agency.
The ships were reportedly sold first to CAS Global, a British security company that has such a license, after which Ekpemupolo reportedly bought the ships from the British company.
Dagblade reported that the seven Norwegian ships are now part of the company’s maritime fleet patrolling under a contract for the Federal Government.

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  1. Don Capello

    But y

  2. ayokunmi

    Why do have to buy warship

  3. ayokunmi

    Wonder what dis country is turning to

  4. Don Capello

    We need peace

  5. Don Capello

    We need joy ooo

  6. Don Capello

    Election palavar

  7. Don Capello

    Why an individual but warship

  8. ayokunmi

    God know where he got the money from

  9. Don Capello

    Jonathan u are just mopin

  10. ayokunmi

    Someone is sponsoring all dis

  11. Don Capello

    Don’t bring war ooo

  12. ayokunmi

    Spend money on eradicating poverty not encouraging war

  13. Don Capello

    Mak naija better ooo

  14. ayokunmi


  15. ayokunmi

    All we want is peace in this nation

  16. Don Capello

    Mak naija better jor

  17. Don Capello

    Peace to the world

  18. Don Capello

    Let’s Dance

  19. ayokunmi

    Pray for nigeria

  20. ayokunmi

    Well being an ex militant hope he secures the waterway mr Government

  21. Don Capello

    Mak naija better jo

  22. Don Capello

    God come to

  23. Don Capello

    Our aid ooo

  24. Don Capello

    Na war this pple da prepare for soo ooo

  25. Don Capello

    Who go sell arms giv individual self

  26. Don Capello

    Them want naija to seperate

  27. emela


  28. Don Capello

    Pdp vs apc better stop

  29. Don Capello

    Hmmm ooo

  30. emela

    i hope this for good

  31. Don Capello

    Election 2015

  32. emela

    tompolo i hope you guys dont want start again

  33. bola

    This is not some news we are supposed to be happy about

  34. Don Capello

    Bloody ooo

  35. bola

    Because I don’t trust those militants boys

  36. emela

    i wonder is good to happen in this nigeria

  37. Don Capello

    Militancy don do ooo

  38. Don Capello

    Ona do rest ooo

  39. bola

    They can do and undo

  40. bola

    If he change his mind now they would use it to scatter nigeria

  41. emela

    we are in trouble

  42. Don Capello

    Why not datch that

  43. emela

    all this militant can do anything stupid

  44. Don Capello

    Moni to orphanages

  45. emela

    we don need them again oo

  46. emela

    there is problem

  47. emela

    river people are not happy

  48. Don Capello

    God will bless u wella

  49. Don Capello

    Too many haters

  50. emela

    nigeria needs deliverance

  51. Don Capello

    Now the youth are not smilin

  52. Don Capello

    God intervention now

  53. emela

    there is no peace in our country

  54. Don Capello

    Jonathan is too simple

  55. emela

    jonathan must do something

  56. Don Capello

    Over lookin tinz

  57. emela

    am afraid of 2015 elections

  58. Don Capello

    Lavishin moni

  59. emela

    river line area is not happy ooo in river state

  60. Don Capello

    Currency is down ooo

  61. bola

    And where is he getting money from

  62. emela

    bad story

  63. Don Capello

    Naija crisis

  64. bola

    It is obviously federal government that is sponsoring him

  65. emela

    easy for peace

  66. bola

    Because that is the only valid explanation

  67. emela

    who give them the money

  68. Don Capello

    Hard country

  69. bola

    My brother help me ask am oh

  70. Don Capello

    God da sha

  71. emela

    we need peace and unity in nigeria

  72. Don Capello

    Buhari hmmm

  73. bola

    The situation of this country is very troubling

  74. bola

    Everything is not normal in this country

  75. emela

    warship is not a good one

  76. bola

    The government treat us anyhow

  77. bola

    Warship just for security my foot

  78. Don Capello

    Can APC help matters

  79. bola

    The warship is to kill innocent Nigerians

  80. Don Capello

    Security collapse

  81. Don Capello

    Boko oneside

  82. bola

    If Johnathan does not enter nigeria would scatter

  83. Don Capello

    And militant on another side

  84. bola

    And if he enters nigeria would still scatter

  85. bola

    So what are we all talking about

  86. bola

    Let us just watch and pray

  87. Don Capello

    Please stop sellin to dem ooo

  88. bola

    That is the only solution for this country

  89. Don Capello

    Arms everywhere

  90. emela

    i dont like hearing this story oo

  91. Don Capello


  92. emela

    some of them are against amachi

  93. emela

    citizens of this country is not free

  94. Don Capello

    Story everyday

  95. emela

    lets see what will happen in this our country

  96. emela

    oil money is cause wahala

  97. Don Capello

    Where is the military

  98. emela

    may them use m well oo

  99. Don Capello

    Naija is dyin slowly

  100. Don Capello

    Oil moni is causin more problem

  101. emela

    boys are ready to do something stupid

  102. Don Capello

    Me nor da vote again ooo

  103. emela

    militant own no good ooo

  104. Don Capello

    My hus contain me

  105. emela

    i dont want problem in south ooo

  106. emela

    will need revival ooo

  107. Don Capello

    Everywhere red eye

  108. Don Capello

    Jonathan is sleepin

  109. emela

    everything in life have season

  110. Don Capello

    Sambo is even worse

  111. emela

    what happen in river state will not happen again

  112. Don Capello

    Why naija

  113. emela

    boko haram own never finish ooo

  114. Don Capello

    We need seriox prayers

  115. emela

    but they are working government

  116. Don Capello

    We need a fierce leader

  117. Don Capello

    Headin to tyme of peril

  118. emela

    federal government have hands in this case

  119. Don Capello

    Democrazy is going insane

  120. emela

    the hero of our past leader shall not be in vain

  121. Don Capello

    Politcians are spoilin our country

  122. Don Capello

    That Armour tank fine sha

  123. Don Capello

    Please use it to fit boko haram

  124. emela

    no freedom in our society

  125. Don Capello

    God nor da slip sha

  126. Don Capello

    We need Angles now ooo

  127. Don Capello

    Naija my dear country

  128. emela

    leaders are not ready to make a change

  129. Don Capello

    Corruption looms everywhere

  130. emela

    militant is now working for our government

  131. Don Capello

    Change nor gree come

  132. emela

    jonathan must do something in 2015

  133. Don Capello

    Mutiny everywhere

  134. emela

    unity is all we need to move on in life

  135. Don Capello

    2015 must be peaceful

  136. emela

    our politician are not trying

  137. Don Capello

    Pdp bring peace

  138. emela

    we need Gods intervention

  139. Don Capello

    So so fightin in leaders

  140. Don Capello

    Why sacrifice for leadership

  141. emela

    2015 election carry alot of distortion

  142. Don Capello

    God will flush the evil doers out

  143. Don Capello

    Evil pple

  144. emela

    corrupt is eaten our country ooo

  145. Don Capello

    No destruction please

  146. Don Capello

    The love of moni

  147. Don Capello

    We need another independent

  148. emela

    together we stand for right the better for us

  149. Don Capello

    Boko haram please bomb the evil pple not good innocent citzen

  150. Don Capello

    Illiterate leaders

  151. Don Capello

    Wit all God blessin we are fuckin up

  152. emela

    war is not good

  153. Don Capello

    God kill this evil pple na

  154. Don Capello

    We need help ooo

  155. emela

    war is not the best way to settle conflicts

  156. Don Capello

    Well maybe he need no arm thou

  157. emela

    kidnapper don start work for east

  158. Don Capello

    Tom please ooo

  159. emela

    tompolo i advice you to respect yourself

  160. Don Capello

    We don’t need more trouble ooo

  161. Don Capello

    South niaja is peacefull

  162. emela

    we need to delete all the leaders of this country

  163. emela

    our nation is dying

  164. Don Capello

    LG ooo

  165. emela

    nobody cares for the future

  166. Don Capello

    Life is good ooo

  167. emela

    will are going backward

  168. Don Capello

    No need to fret thou

  169. Don Capello

    Nothin will happen

  170. emela

    we need God fearing leaders

  171. Don Capello

    Country will bounce back

  172. Don Capello

    God nor go gree them

  173. emela

    lack of job

  174. emela

    no strong organisation in our country

  175. Don Capello

    No one can spoil Gods nation

  176. Don Capello

    Elders have failed us

  177. emela

    country full of strong man

  178. Don Capello

    The youth are angry

  179. emela

    nothing spoil

  180. Don Capello

    Incompetence rule the land

  181. emela

    i believe one day we will make for this naija

  182. emela

    all we need is one love

  183. Don Capello

    Nothin da happen

  184. emela

    APC and PDP are fighting for power

  185. Don Capello

    Time for drastic

  186. Don Capello


  187. Don Capello

    Even EFCC corrupted

  188. emela

    vote don they reach abi

  189. Don Capello

    No body to checkmate tinz

  190. Don Capello

    Woman in different position

  191. emela

    we must vote are the bad leaders

  192. Don Capello

    Election on the same day as lovers day

  193. Don Capello

    Sign of good fortune

  194. Don Capello

    At the end peace will reign

  195. emela

    anyhow we must stand

  196. Don Capello

    Motherland thin in it

  197. emela

    nigeria must change

  198. Don Capello

    No way for evil

  199. emela

    lovers day and election the same month lol

  200. emela

    GOD is watching

  201. emela

    nigeria is too bad and rough

  202. emela

    our men are cooking shirt

  203. Don Capello

    We must fight on

  204. Don Capello

    Bad government must go

  205. Don Capello

    Valentine means love

  206. Don Capello

    Spread love always

  207. Don Capello

    Good government rules

  208. Don Capello

    Support good pple

  209. Don Capello

    Unemployment was the case

  210. Don Capello

    Politics spoil the country

  211. Don Capello

    Oil cost us bad

  212. Don Capello

    Oil cost us bad oooo

  213. Don Capello

    Austerity in the land

  214. Don Capello

    Poverty in the land

  215. Don Capello

    Education is undermine

  216. Don Capello

    Hardwork is condemned

  217. Don Capello

    Stealing get appraisal

  218. Don Capello

    Good kid bad country

  219. Don Capello

    Bad leader lead rubbish

  220. emala

    Ex-militant who is the current now

  221. emala

    This world is going crazy

  222. Don Capello

    Naija we hail thy

  223. Don Capello

    Ex-militant nor wan hear ooo

  224. emala

    Dukibo is now the present

  225. Don Capello

    Boko nor wan hear

  226. Don Capello

    Ijaws are now powerful

  227. Don Capello

    Dukumbo too da talk ooo

  228. emala

    Giant of Africa must not fall

  229. emala

    Giant of Africa must not fall ooo

  230. Don Capello

    Naija will previal

  231. Don Capello

    Giant of Africa ke

  232. emala

    Ijaw no carry last ooo

  233. emala

    Indeed we must prevail

  234. emala

    Boko must hear by force

  235. emala

    E go better

  236. Don Capello

    Omoh naija

  237. emala

    Nigeria can’t separate

  238. Don Capello

    Yes ooo

  239. emala

    Poverty everywhere

  240. emala

    They must be expose

  241. emala

    All we need is one love mehn

  242. Don Capello

    We are forever strong

  243. emala

    change will take place soon

  244. emala

    Shape ship made for distortion

  245. Don Capello

    Untied is naija

  246. Don Capello

    Change is inevitable

  247. Don Capello

    It must happen

  248. Don Capello

    But when

  249. emala

    Indeed forever strong one naija

  250. Don Capello

    Still no constant lite

  251. emala

    Don’t ask when join hand together to fight

  252. Don Capello

    Naija jaga jaga

  253. emala

    Constant light for naija is hard ooo

  254. Don Capello

    Naija jaga jaga ooo

  255. emala

    No be small jaga jaga

  256. emala

    Backward everyday

  257. Don Capello

    Corruption in skools.

  258. emala

    We need messiah

  259. Don Capello

    Education is undermine jor

  260. emala

    no be joke ooo

  261. emala

    Very very undermine

  262. Don Capello

    We need allah

  263. Don Capello


  264. emala

    No standard

  265. Don Capello

    And allnite

  266. emala

    Our local leaders don’t care

  267. emala

    No be small prayer

  268. Don Capello

    Even fastingooo

  269. emala

    We need powerful midnight prayer

  270. Don Capello

    Everybody is eyeballin

  271. emala

    We need powerful midnight prayer ooo

  272. Don Capello

    The country oil

  273. emala

    Lol fasting abi

  274. Don Capello

    Oil go soon drop ooo

  275. emala

    Na country oil dey cause kataka

  276. Don Capello

    Agric better come

  277. Don Capello

    Be taken seriouxly

  278. Don Capello

    Becos we are blinded

  279. Don Capello

    With oil money

  280. Don Capello

    Will finish oooo

  281. emala

    No mine them nobody is talking agriculture again

  282. Don Capello

    Well we shall see

  283. Don Capello

    Don’t spoil our country ooo

  284. emala

    We are not yet finish

  285. Don Capello

    Naija on the edge

  286. Don Capello

    Ooookk Ma

  287. emala

    They have already spoil the country

  288. emala

    We never reach the edge

  289. emala

    We don tire for there them

  290. Don Capello

    Still need good election ooo

  291. Don Capello

    We need a free and fair election

  292. emala

    Fasters war ship

  293. Don Capello

    Good governance

  294. emala

    I don’t think there is anything like free and fair election in Nigeria

  295. Don Capello

    Tom polo u for datch pple dat mulla ooo

  296. Don Capello

    Them for praise u

  297. Don Capello

    Pass warship

  298. Don Capello

    See waffi dry na

  299. Don Capello

    U for come flex men na

  300. Don Capello

    Make it 100 men

  301. Don Capello

    Come do some SK’s men

  302. Don Capello

    Make we pop champaign jor

  303. emala

    we are ready to vote

  304. Don Capello

    Violence beget violence

  305. Don Capello

    World peace we need

  306. emala

    Wonders will never end

  307. emala

    We need peace in country

  308. Don Capello

    Polo u da owe me one

  309. Don Capello

    I need ur bozzin

  310. Don Capello

    Becos na we we

  311. Don Capello

    And the xmas need soft ooo

  312. Don Capello

    Mak errytin gazzet wella

  313. Don Capello

    Boys need do well

  314. Don Capello

    Nor be beans ooo

  315. Don Capello

    Very yeye country

  316. Don Capello

    First pastor Ayo now tom polo and nobody talkin

  317. Don Capello

    Why not military buyin arms

  318. Don Capello

    Good health

  319. Don Capello


  320. Don Capello


  321. Don Capello

    To the world

  322. Don Capello

    Oookkk tranquility

  323. Don Capello

    PDP corruption APC Corruption

  324. Don Capello

    Nigeria must better

  325. Don Capello

    We need it

  326. Don Capello

    Fire burn the wicked

  327. bola

    We need to fight for our right

  328. bola

    This evil people would surely have to pay for their sins

  329. bola

    All these politicians are all corrupt

  330. bola

    Even the so called apc

  331. Don Capello


  332. bola

    They call them selves change but when they enter they would first chop. Money

  333. bola

    Even though I know buhari is a good man but his party members would corrupt him

  334. bola

    But at least they are better than pdp

  335. bola

    Pdp is nothing but trouble to africa

  336. bola

    And I pray they are rooted out of this great country

  337. Don Capello


  338. bola

    So that peace can finally reign in the country

  339. bola

    I am sure they are the ones sponsoring Boko haram

  340. bola

    That’s why they have more weapon than nigeria army

  341. bola

    And this is not right at all at all, I tell you

  342. bola

    I pray army vex and take over sef

  343. Don Capello

    We need jobs

  344. bola

    That Johnathan you people call slow I s a bad guy

  345. bola

    I wonder how many people he would have ordered to kill

  346. bola

    And that his stupid wife that looks like baby pig

  347. bola

    You need to see them at pdps convention

  348. Don Capello

    We need peace ooo

  349. Don Capello

    Love niaja

  350. bola

    They were just behaving like fools

  351. Don Capello

    Love niaja jorrr

  352. bola

    They were just behaving like fools, that don’t have brain

  353. Don Capello

    We go cope

  354. bola

    I don’t know what is wrong with our leaders

  355. bola

    They don’t use their heads at all

  356. bola

    People died in his that day oh

  357. Don Capello

    Na so we see am

  358. bola

    I mean people died in jos that day of the convention

  359. Don Capello

    Bias leaders

  360. bola

    Add yet they were singing and dancing

  361. Don Capello

    So triballistic

  362. Don Capello

    This people don’t really care

  363. bola

    They were even spraying money to one aboki guy

  364. bola

    And millions of people are suffering

  365. Don Capello

    People dyin everyday

  366. Don Capello

    People wailing everyday

  367. bola

    But they are still waiting our oil money

  368. Don Capello

    millions stolen

  369. bola

    But they are still waiting our oil money that their asses did not work for

  370. bola

    They can’t buy weapon for out military

  371. Don Capello

    Only God will judge em

  372. bola

    And tompolo has money for war ships

  373. Don Capello

    Wasting our resources

  374. Don Capello

    Military mutiny too much

  375. bola

    What rubbish is that one, who are they fooling

  376. Don Capello

    Polo and Ayiri blowin naijas moni

  377. bola

    That ship xan not help matters

  378. Don Capello

    Moni flowin lik water

  379. bola

    It is either it is for killing people

  380. Don Capello

    Currency dissolvin

  381. bola

    Or they want to use it to steal oil to raise campaign money

  382. Don Capello

    Petroleum minister lookin hmmm

  383. bola

    And thats the only thing the country depends on

  384. bola

    And the price has dropped

  385. Don Capello

    Country moni don enter politics

  386. bola

    Where would. We branch to now

  387. bola

    Money they suppose to invest in industries

  388. bola

    They invest it on politics

  389. Don Capello

    Vote wisely

  390. bola

    Because of their selfish political ambitions

  391. bola

    Imagine how much they sold nomination form

  392. bola

    If they spend all the money on education

  393. Don Capello

    Don’t sell ur vote

  394. bola

    Education would be free in Nigeria

  395. Don Capello

    Unless u can sell to me loll

  396. bola

    I pray they don’t rig the election

  397. Don Capello

    I need ur votes please

  398. bola

    Because we all know who would enter if they do that

  399. bola

    It’s obvious who our next president would be

  400. Don Capello

    I need ur votes please ooo

  401. Don Capello

    May the best election party win

  402. bola

    That’s if they don’t rig it tho h

  403. Don Capello

    To me they all the same

  404. bola

    Buhari just has to win

  405. Don Capello


  406. bola

    Even though they are the same 1 is still better

  407. Don Capello

    Buhari ke

  408. bola

    If Johnathan doesn’t win he should just run away from thus country oh

  409. bola

    Because he is surely going to jail

  410. bola

    So he is not going to risk losing

  411. Don Capello

    Buhari can’t move a muscle

  412. bola

    He would do what ever it takes to win

  413. Don Capello

    Rule before let him go

  414. bola

    And by the grace of God he can not win

  415. bola

    If he wins nigeria would scatter

  416. bola

    If he wins nigeria would scatter tho

  417. Don Capello

    We new younger leaders

  418. bola

    If he doesn’t win nigeria would still scatter r

  419. bola

    So what are we now talking about

  420. bola

    Let us all watch and pray

  421. Don Capello

    Constitution is bad

  422. bola

    Prayer us the only thing that can save the country

  423. bola

    Divine intervention is the only thing that can save us

  424. bola

    This country is cursed

  425. bola

    And many corrupt people have to be killed

  426. bola

    They should bomb all of them in one place

  427. bola

    And the secret of those behind Boko haram would be exposed

  428. bola

    I’m short of words now

  429. bola

    Because I don’t know what to say to this people anymore

  430. Don Capello

    Go down low

  431. bola

    We youths need to stand up for our right

  432. Don Capello


  433. Don Capello


  434. bola

    I pity the corpers they want to use for election

  435. Don Capello


  436. Don Capello

    Election go bloody ooo

  437. Don Capello

    Corpers are happi for moni to make

  438. Don Capello

    Dancin tyme

  439. Don Capello

    Every one for himself

  440. Don Capello

    No wahala

  441. Don Capello

    We. Go run if it comes

  442. Don Capello

    2015 scary

  443. Don Capello

    God na ur hand now ooo

  444. segiri barber

    Not his fault tho…he’s Fucking rich

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