Sunday, January 24

Emeka Offor Donated N12b To Tackle The Virus; A Good Example Of Robbing The Poor To Impress The Rich

Following the outbreak of Covid-19 in Nigeria, individuals and cooperate organisations, have donated food items, money and equipment to help Tackle and the virus, and Igbo Billionaire Emeka Offor, is not left out as he donates a whopping N12b equipment in support to Tackle the pandemic.

The business mogul made the donation through his foundation, SEOF. He is the owner of Emeka Offor’s Enugu Electricity Distribution Company (EEDC). His actions towards the donations is Commendable.

In my own opinion is that Emeka Offor N12b donation is a good example of robbing the poor to impress the poor. He is a bill merchant that make mostly southeast business men and women, including poor masses to shade tears every month end, with the elaborate electricity bill, you will see a house with just TV and fan yet the bill is equivalent to that of an industry.

Everybody is asking and begging service providers such as MTN, DSTV etc to reduce or give free service to people mostly now that there is lock down, but the bill merchant is busy trying to impress himself and his rich colleagues. He gave N12b something that could be used to substitute for free electricity for the masses, some house don’t have light now and everybody is saying stay at home, without light it will be difficult mostly this heat season.

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