Wednesday, November 25

Dr. Dre Calls Out Wife For Holding Possessions Hostage

American rapper and songwriter and producer, Dr Dre calls out his wife for seizing some of his possession

According to The Blast, the legendary producer is calling out his estranged wife for failing to give back his stuff.

“Mr. Young sent someone to Malibu this morning to pick up some of his personal belongings (something Ms. Young does almost daily at the Brentwood home),” writes Dr. Dre’s legal representative to Nicole Young’s team in a letter on July 30. “At first, your client said ok, but after walking away for 5 minutes (assumedly to call your office) she came back and rejected the request.”

Dre’s attorney elaborates, naming the items that he has tried to retrieve: “The items in question are Mr. Young’s golf clubs, his motorcycle, and his registered firearm for return to the gun safe at [the Brentwood home].”

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