Thursday, January 21

Don’t Trust Your Money With Anyone Who Can’t Keep To Time – Ola’Emmanuel

what many scholars and authors called an illusion. With no argument, it is. But the life that we are all living has a span and time is what is used in measuring a life duration. That is, a life is summed up by the number of time spent by the person.

There is a long mythology in Africa – a culture of time, which postulated that a scheduled time is not always the real time. By this, Africans cultivates the idea of getting to meetings behind scheduled time. Most people in Africa are poor with time. African time is a barbaric culture which no global citizen should imbibe.
Getting to the length of killing time (by engaging in activities that will help waste away time) is another illusion. No one can kill time! By killing time, you are killing a life.

Every seconds count in every individual’s life. A wasted time is directly a wasted life.
If you can’t manage your time, you can’t manage your life. if you can’t maintain your time, you can’t maintain your life. if you can’t control your time, you can’t control your life.
Surely, if you can get it right with your time, definitely you will get it right with your life.

What has happened to time that people no longer keep to time? Some comes to meeting late, while some has the habit of exceeding the time given to them during programmes.

Time, if not the most valuable asset in the world.
What you will and can do with your life depends on time.

Don’t trust your money with anyone who can’t keep to time. He will not manage it well because he is already mismanaging his life.
The best use of time is to invest it in doing things that will add to you and not things that has nothing to do with your purpose in life.

You can’t be effective and purposeful with time for at least 8 hours a day and still remain the same you.
The fact is, you are investing your time through anything you engage with each seconds. You can’t plant a yam and harvest cassava, never! Though they are both tuber.

You can effectively manage your time (life) by doing things you need to do before engaging in things you wish to do. Do the most important things first before you do any other thing.

Avoid procrastination. Always ask yourself if what you are doing justifies a proper use of time.
Even God is interested in your time. You can’t give 10% of your attention to God and expect Him to give you 100% attention.

Invest your time in doing things worthwhile. Focus on your work or study. Spend time with your family and find time to serve God.

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