Wednesday, January 27

Dog Bites Man, Man Bites Dog Back And Dog Dies Within Few Minutes

A Shocking incident has occurred in the Volta Region of Ghana as a man’s bite has led to the death of a dog.

According to reports, a 45-year-old was bitten by a stray dog and as revenge, he bit the animal back and the bit ended up killing the animal in Adafienu, a coastal community in the Volta Region of Ghana.

The man identified as Justice Aflakpui aka Efo was relaxing at home and enjoying his ‘Akpeteshie (locally brewed wine) on Saturday afternoon when a stray dog came to his house from nowhere and bit his ankle.

Efo’s brother narrated that he was in pain after the dog bit him but out of rage he quickly chased the dog that had run to a nearby bush to revenge.

Efo’s brother added that he got hold of the dog, strangled it and bit it back.

“He was in pain after the dog bite. Out of anger, he chased the dog that had quickly run to a nearby bush to take revenge. Fortunately for him, he got hold of it, strangled it, and bit it back,” Justice’s brother narrated.

According to Victor, Justice’s brother, his brother then left the dog and came back to continue his drink.

“I heard the dog bark and cry like it was in real pain and within a few minutes, it stopped. I went there to check what had happened only find out the dog had died – with foam coming out from its mouth,”he recounted.

Speaking with some of the community folks, they said an incident like this had never happened in the community before.

“I find it strange that a human being can bite a dog in revenge for the dog to die within minutes. This has never happened in this community before. Even after the dog bite, he is perfectly fine and says there’s no need going to the hospital for an injection,”one woman said.

When asked the man what he actually did to the dog, he said he wouldn’t like to comment on it because what the dog wanted was exactly what it got in return.

“It attacked me in my own house and I attacked back, that’s all,” he said.

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