Thursday, January 28

Coronavirus: Tonto Dikeh Shares Free Face Masks, Sanitizers, Hand Gloves

Tonto Dikeh and her team distribute free sanitizers, face masks and hand gloves to people on the street in a bid to fight coronavirus via her Tonto Dikeh Foundation.

Sharing photos and videos on her Instagram page, the controversial actress wrote:

It is sad that we’ve been battling the Corona Virus pandemic also known as Covid19. To keep yourself safe in these times, these are the steps you should take.

Always wash your hands with soap because you could get the virus through physical contact, and unwittingly touch your face, through which the virus finds its way into your system.
Use a hand sanitizer.

stay indoors,It’s difficult to know a carrier of the virus as they might still be strong. Practice social distancing.

If you must go out, kindly wear a face mask, hand gloves, and avoid hugs and handshakes.
Here are the symptoms you’ll most likely experience if you contract the Corona Virus:

Sore throat
Dry Cough
Difficulty in breathing

If these symptoms persist, please reach out to the NCDC free toll line: 080097000010
The Tonto dikeh foundation Stay safe, Stay healthy

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