Controversy after a melanin-free Vera Sidika steps out with a new ride

White-cum-melanin socialite, Vera Sidika raises questions after posing with her new man while in her previous skin color.

The curvy beauty unveils the face of her new lover hardly months after expressing her desire to be a mum.

She had earlier flaunted a handsome young lad claiming to be the love of her life soon after breaking up with Otile Brown.

Unfortunately, he was among her love victims who come and go at her wish.

In a series of Instagram posts, the beauty shows off her new young, handsome lover who she claims treats her like a baby.

The two wine and dine together, right from early breakfast to late night dinner, getting cosy and sharing the love.

Singing along to Hip Hop love songs as she repeatedly tags him ´her twin´ and captioning his photo with a love heart.

She at one point shies off while the two are spending the night together, after her guy sings for her and pours his heart out to her.

But what we don´t understand, is who exactly is Vera Sidika? What is her skin color? and was the melanin story all but a dupe?





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