Thursday, January 28

Comedian Aliababa Reacts To Falz’s New Video #ThisisNigeria

Veteran comedian Ali Baba has reacted to Falz New Video #This is Nigeria, which has caused lots of Controversies on the Internet, Even Diddy had reacted to it, The Veteran Comedian in a Post he made on his page said Yahoo boys has spoilt the business for the legit ones, According to him, the people they have swindled now thinks we are all rogues, He shared a photo an captioned:

“No truer word has ever been said. This is a reflection of how deteriorated our societal thought process has degenerated. Anyone who has made it is a thief. People no longer believe anyone made it from hard work. As for the police, they don’t treat anyone as innocent. Everyone suspects everyone. In the eyes of the people who our Yahoo boys have swindled… we are all rogues.

foreign investor that wants to bring business here, but has to bribe to do that business? Ask the taxi driver who refuses to give a Gwagon driver way… he will tell you the owner stole to buy it. What of food meant for IDP camps? Stolen. Votes nko? Stolen. To sign budget… you must settle. To get promoted in civil service, you must settle. Even to pass exam you must use spreadsheet.
To get a contract nko? People are arrested off the streets and thrown into jail like they are criminals. SARS leave scars. No one stands up for the innocent. Does that not mean we are all criminals? People who do legit businesses don’t succeed because the criminals will truncate all pure business moves.
And life continues… Do you really think there are people who don’t see Nigerians as criminals??? Check this out. Are all herdsmen bad? No. But in the spate of the last herdsmen attacks… what will your comments be about herdsman? Are all politician thieves? Are all policemen corrupt? Are all the girls you see at night on the street runs girls?… we need to change. That video is a reawakening”

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