Saturday, January 16

Cassper Nyovest To Give His Old Designer Clothes To A Fan

Blessed is the hand that gives! Cassper Nyovest has decided to make 2021 a year of hope for one of his fans by gifting him with a few of his old designer clothes.

Amid all the drama that surrounds the rapper, he still finds it in his heart to give back to his loyal supporters. A fan had boldly asked Cassper to gift him his old clothes, a request Cassper attended to.

“Ola Boss @casspernyovest I really need your help Bru with your old clothes please,” the fan asked. Cassper being the good Samaritan, responded by asking for his location, “Where do you live ? Ima Dm you right now. I’m sure I could help a lil bit.”

Cassper is currently working on building his home studio, a project he was very excited about last year. However when a fan asked him about the progress, he said it is not yet done.

“Dawg. The saddest part of my life. Paid dude 120k for Sound proofing that didn’t work. Had 2 break the shit down again & get another guy 2 start from scratch from a floating floor to a room in a room. Another 275k just on Sound proofing. I still need to do the acoustics. Stress!”

The rapper is currently enjoying a well deserved stay in Tanzania, where he is booked to perform on stages and also working on new music with Diamond Platnumz. He welcomed the new year in the country making his fellow South Africans green with envy as we had to welcome the year sober.

Thanking his fellow Africans for making his stay worth it, he wrote, “This is how we ushered the year in Tanzania. Shout to Maison for booking and hosting us. Thank you for putting the tour together. This was a great way to start the year. Time to go back home where things aren’t so nice. We will be back soon!!!”

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