Sunday, January 24

Bridget Achieng goes into hiding after Nigerian superstar Reekado Banks reveals why he cancelled Naifest

Bridget Achieng lied about Reekado Banks performing at the Naifest. Speaking recently during a live session socialite Bridget Achieng went revealed that the reason the Nigerian artists did not perform is because of curfew; however, turns out that this was not even near the truth.

This was proven by one blogger, Sindamatiko who had an opportunity to interview Reekado Banks this past weekend. Speaking for the first time about the Naifest; the Naija singer opened saying that payment was the main reason he did not perform.

According to Reekado his team had not received any payments from the organizers of the event; exposing Bridget Achieng for lying to the hundreds of Kenyans who bought tickets to attend the event. I mean, didn’t most pay to come see the Nigerian superstar perform after months of lockdown and no play?

Being a socialite and a celeb Bridget Achieng has always left her social media accounts public until the Reekado Banks interview. Well, Bridget is now on private mode on Instagram and I am guessing she opted for this after fans started attacking.

So far her accounts remain private but the truth is; this makes it worse since fans already know the type of woman she is when it comes to money. Anyway let us wait and see what she says now that the truth is already out!

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