Bradley Stoke Town FC Has A New Player Called Bradley Stokes

Bradley Stoke Town FC has a new player this season with the perfect name – Bradley Stokes.

Yes that’s right, Bradley Stokes.

The 23-year-old. graduated from UWE after studying business and marketing, isn’t from the area and it is not a co-incidence he joined Bradley Stoke – he signed up purely because of the name.

On leaving university the centre-half, who works for HL Training Services, decided to find a football club for a hobby.

He said: “I knew there was an area called Bradley Stoke, so I googled it to see if they had a football team because I thought that would be cool.”

There was – Bradley Stoke Town FC, who play in the Bristol and District League senior division.

Bradley called up the team and arranged to watch a reserve game before signing on. When he told the club secretary his name though, they thought it was a joke.

Bradley said: “He thought I was taking the p**s, and asked to see my ID before filling in the signing on forms.”

And there was more laughter when Bradley was introduced to his new teammates in the changing room. He added: “Most of them just started laughing at me to be honest, they couldn’t believe it. I suppose it is a bit weird.”

But since then Bradley has settled in nicely and says they have all been very welcoming.

Source: rushhoursport

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