Boobilicious Actress Verona Rose Tired of Her Massive Boobs

Actress Verona Rose took to social media to complain about her massive boobs. The British actress shared the picture below with caption;

“Crazy right!!! Spent this week contemplating a reduction. I’m running to lose weight but not progress yet.. Just back pains and Shoulder dents… I have finally has enough of buying clothes 3 times too big just to fit them in (I end up looking more mampy)… I’m sick of losing half my dinner to look down and find my friends were hungry too! I’m sick of not being able to see my feet or tummy when I stand!! I’m sick of females asking if they are real and if they can feel… I look forward to the day I can have a good night sleep.. I look forward to the days of sexy bras and LBD’s… Anyone have any weight losing tips/suggestions? I’d love to do a blog/vlog on how I shrink my #breast fat naturally but I know I’m too lazy to keep up a vlog. @onome_lovely a lil help? #bigbreastproblems #bigboobsproblems #shrinkmyboobspls”

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