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Boko Haram’s Letter to ThisDay Journalist

Boko Haram’s Letter to ThisDay Journalist 


Boko Haram sent a mail to This Day threatening their journalist…. Read the mail below.

“We have seen your hand against us . Inshallah you will die like other infidels that we captured,” read the mail, signed by one Abu Musab Abul-Barnawi.

“You have been joining our enemies. You are made yourself their mouth [sic] but we will get you insha Allah. This is a holy mission for Allah, so stop writing against us.

“You’re going too Michika calling yourself a brave journalist, but you’re a coward. We will get you. Its your government that talks amnesty, we are not looking for amnesty. Allah is with us. You’re now a walking dead and a prey to the Lions of Islam from the bullet of a passing car or a nearby rooftop.

“We are not asking you to repent, because of your error, we will use your blood to send warning to others.  Those people from America and Europe that are using you against our mission will soon know the truth. Our wounded fighters will never give up. they will return to fight for Allah to get their reward. Your soldier will soon know the truth.”

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  1. olamide

    Boko Haram are just jokers

  2. olamide

    May the wrath of Allah dawn on them

  3. sniper boy

    Foolish people, God punish them

  4. Adeyemi Adedigba

    Are this animals human at all

  5. Adeyemi Adedigba

    Look at how they are condeming God creatures

  6. Adeyemi Adedigba

    This devils, may God eradicate you all

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