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Boko Haram Will Start Attacking Bigshots In Nigeria – TB Joshua

Boko Haram Will Start Attacking Bigshots In Nigeria – TB Joshua 

Prophet TB Joshua while preaching yesterday, 4th of May, 2014 in his church said Boko Haram will start attacking bigshots in our society. Expressing his shock that political parties such as APC and PDP are against themselves instead of coming together as one to fight Boko Haram in Nigeria, he says it’s quite risky because the group would soon turn back to start attacking them. It will be recalled that, Prophet TB Joshua has not stopped giving different prophesies every Sunday on the altar while he preaches, ever since the over 200 school girls disappeared into thin air. His words after the cut.

“Nigeria is calm; it is the political parties that are not calm. These political parties gave birth to militants and Boko Haram.”

“If our political class does not stop their campaigns and rallies and put aside the name of parties – APC, PDP, Labour – to come together to discuss as Nigeria, these people will turn against them. Any moment from now, you will hear of ‘bigshots’ being attacked.”
“They should suspend all rallies and acrimonious campaigns. It is this division that gave opportunity for hoodlums, militants and Boko Haram to explore and exploit,” he stated.

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  1. esther

    Pls; man of God pray for d country for peace and any bad vision reveal to u; u should pray against it

  2. Lulue Mthunzi

    Yah sighns of end time,it is written we will hear the roumours ofvwar,n nation will fight againts each ada,God hve Mercy

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