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“Blaq Bonez your diss track better be good!” Khaligraph Jones wife warns Nigerian artist

“Blaq Bonez your diss track better be good!” Khaligraph Jones wife warns Nigerian artist 

Georgina Muteti is now scared for Blaq Bonez just in case the Nigerian artist is thinking of replying to Khaligraph Jones diss track.

The mother of 1 revealed this in an Instagram post where she warned Blaq Bonez to make sure his diss track was good; as she fears her husband will finish him off with his yet to be released song.

‘Somebody tell blaqbonez if he’s going to reply to the diss track, it better be GOOD! Because mimi😂😂😂because me sitaki kumstua lakini weuhhh! That was him just drizzling, wait for the storm.’

The two artists have been having their differences for some days now following a video shared by Bonez; where he claims Khaligraph did not deserve to win the Soundcity MVP best African rapper of the year award.

Since then the two have been dissing each other on social media…okay maybe Khaligraph Jones has been doing the dissing but fans are now hoping they seize this opportunity and come up with a new project.

Anyway, as for now all we can do is wait and see how things unfold but on the other hand; we can’t miss to recognize the fact that Jones has loyal fans for sure!

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