Biggest Bingo Ballers

Bingo has always been a hugely popular pastime, whether it be Bingo online or played in a brick-and-mortar location. Something about waiting in awe for your randomised numbers to be called or revealed has people coming back for more – the chance of matching these up is just too much to resist!

What better to inspire your very own win than looking at the mighty hauls that have come before you? Read on to find out more about the biggest Bingo ballers to date.

John Orchard

One of the biggest Bingo winners ever recorded is the former factory worker John Orchard, who was working at his local job centre at the time. His winnings came from a simple 30p ticket on an online Bingo site, going on to bag him his legacy. Orchard walked away with a staggering £5.9 million profit, and wasted no time in splashing the cash, making his lifelong dreams a reality. He went on to book holidays, buy a new house and even a shiny new Jaguar XF. Orchard also shared some of his winnings with his friends and family – we wouldn’t mind knowing a guy like that!

Georgios M

Greek-born Georgios M became the second biggest jackpot winner, again, thanks to an online Bingo game. Georgios has gone on to live a very low-profile lifestyle since his $5.1 million win, converting into €6.3 million, and all that’s now known about the lucky player is that he was only 36 years old at the time of his win, working as a businessman. Would you want to stay out of the limelight if you had a big win?

Christine Bradfield

At one time, Christine Bradfield held the record for the biggest in-house Bingo win at her local brick-and-mortar location. Bradfield had been visiting the same Bingo hall for over a decade before she hit the jackpot in 2008, never expecting to be going home with such a jackpot win. On the day itself, the lucky lady had spent just £16 on Bingo tickets – resulting in a massive £1.1 million reward! Nothing to sneer at!

Soraya Lowell

Following our previous winner, in the winter of 2008, Soraya Lowell found herself transforming from a day-to-day private cleaner, to someone’s local millionaire! Lowell reportedly shared her £1.2 million with her neighbour, and Bingo playing partner, Agnes O’Neil. Lowell’s win was followed by a series of personal disasters – O’Neil shortly died after receiving her portion of the winnings and Lowell found herself filing for bankruptcy just a few years after she made history. 

Lisa Potter

Lisa Potter found herself the happy recipient of £1.3 million, all from a simple £5 Bingo bet, on her favourite online casino website. Her choice to play the game was completely random, having grown tired of watching the footy with her other half. Following her million-pound win, Potter rewarded herself with a new luxury car, equally as extravagant holidays and a lovely new house. Alright for some!

So, who knows, you might find yourself becoming the next person on our list! Why not take your chances?

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