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Beyonce’s Lion King album is and Afrobeat album -Ayo Shonaiya

Beyonce’s Lion King album is and Afrobeat album -Ayo Shonaiya 

Nigerian lawyer, Ayo Shonaiya has reviewed Beyoncé’s new album, The Lion King.

Ayo stated that the album wasn’t inspired by the movie, rather it was inspired by Afrobeat.


I just got home after a long day, & I just had the time to listen to the Beyoncé “The Gift” album. Please, this album is NOT from, nor inspired by the Lion King film anything. Maybe that’s the marketing strategy. The Gift is FROM and INSPIRED by AFROBEATS!!! Please don’t get me wrong, I love Beyoncé, and I love the album, every song, especially Already featuring Shatta Wale, and Otherside featuring @bankulli (why wasn’t he credited?). But really, as excited as I am about this album, I can’t get away from the fact that this is an Afrobeats album. Before the album came out, I saw a Beyoncé interview clip where she said the magic from the making of the album, and vibe was like they were creating “a new genre”! Nooooo Beyoncé, this is Afrobeats!!!!! And for every Nigerian and African that’s raving about this album, we know that this is Afrobeats. This is OUR music. The track Already is Afrobeats already!!! I am currently producing a documentary about the history, the present & the future of this dynamic genre that we now call Afrobeats, where the music came from, how it became what it is today that Beyoncé and Jay Z are getting into it. Now is the time to tell our story ourselves, before “they” start telling it back to us. I applaud Beyoncé for this album. I love it. But the cover should have read “The Gift: Music From & Inspired by Afrobeats”! Thank you. #AfrobeatsTheBackStory #Documentary #TheRMGCompany

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